decorations on a dime part-1

We recently moved into a house with lots of wall space and I had the task of pulling together wall decor on a very tight budget in time for my friend, Chelsea‘s shower (we were so honored to help host!). Anyway, I did a series of projects for under 10 bucks:

project #1: makeshift “canvases”

When it comes down to DIY paintings or even Rothko-esque wall decor, a canvas of sorts is required (or wood or other art supply). However, canvas can be quite costly so I set out to create something else using foam boards–let me know what you think of it.

1. Purchase a foam board (you can find them at the dollar store for just a buck!)

2. Take a piece of fabric that covers the board and use glue gun to glue the edges to the back of the board.

3. Paint on it, do whatever you'd like. This isn't canvas but the fabric creates good texture.

When attaching fabric to foam board, be sure the fabric is taut. It makes the surface easier to work with.

So I noticed that I didn't cut a very straight line so I used a larger board and box knife to achieve the straight edges I wanted.


Here are a couple of the completed projects:

I upcycled an old coffee bag and used pages from an old book. Note: you can see where I didn't pull the fabric taut (lower right).

Just dabbled a little paint here and there and pretty content with the results...

I still have other pieces of the foam board, wrapped in fabric and ready for other creativity spurts!


project #2: mosaic it’s a boy banner
As previously mentioned, we just moved so I’ve got paint samples in excess and thought it would be fun to make a banner out of them for Chelsea’s shower:

This was a complete experiment to me, I just used the lighter shades for background and darker ones for the letters.

There it is, in all its glory on the day of the shower! I think I want to use the rest of the samples and make something else for the walls

I will post about the other projects soon!


While I am no authority on painting or creating art, I love art and everything to do with art (its history, art walks/circuits, art lectures…etc). I own only a few original¬†pieces, but, hope to have funds to support more artists later (such as Lana, she’s pretty amazing : ). In the meantime, I’ll just continue making my own wall decor, I enjoy it.

What about you? What are some ways you pull together decor?


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