cherry blossoms in august …

Emmy is now 6 months old!

To celebrate Emmy’s monthly milestones, I’ve been using freezer paper stencils to make monthly onesies. This month, I successfully free-handed branches and dabbled on some pinkish-reddish hues to create the blossoms–this was a first! I’ve always been enchanted with cherry blossoms, but never knew how to capture them via paint and brush. While I am no artist, I was very pleased with the results!

Here are the onesies from the previous months:


4 months!

5 months!

6 months!


I’ve been meaning to send out these instructions since last month to some friends, so here goes! Supplies: freezer paper, exacto knife, craft paint*, paintbrush/craft sponge, iron,

  1. Sketch an image or copy a silhouette of something you like on the rough side of the freezer paper. I just free-handed this bird and the leaves based off of other images I googled.
  2. Use exacto knife to cut out the image and iron the freezer paper (shiny side down) to onesie.
  3. Paint, let dry, and remove the freezer paper.

    My friend Emily showed me how to do this a while back and it has definitely come in handy since I have limited access to a sewing machine (thanks!!). If you do have a sewing machine, my sister-in-law Esther introduced me to this blog –the numbers are sewn on and super cute!

For Emmy’s 6th month onesie, I actually upcycled the cut-out from making the previous month’s stencil and used it for the back of her shirt:


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