the israel melon

At the farmers market this weekend, I stumbled across an Israel melon. I probably just missed it at the market in the past but this year, they caught my eye and I decided to try it:

image courtesy of (i forgot to take pictures of it!)

This was a particularly fun occasion because we had family in town and none of them had tasted the Israel melon. The texture was similar to that of a cantaloupe, but honeydew in color. I was told that they were a cross between the cantaloupe and honeydew. Many taste notes were identified, among them: pear, honeydewy-peach, orange circus peanut candy –I know it’s weird but it reminded me of this candy:
I think these candies are terrible, tons of corn syrup, and I haven’t had them since elementary school, but for some reason that melon invoked memories of them…
Have you tried the Israel melon? If so, what taste notes did you identify?

Tell me what you think : )

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