thrifting for treasures…

I have a fond love for ribbons, toggle ties, brown packages, skeleton keys, old books, and many other relics. As a result, I’ve always enjoyed sifting through thrift stores and consignment shops in search of my treasures (I figure I might as well document those excursions here). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, I finally ventured into the Norman Flea Market a few weeks ago and serendipitously found a pile of old lace in a vendor’s trash can, he sold it to me for just a buck:

After untangling the mess I discovered, 5 different types of vintage lace and one crocheted doily! I used oxyclean and let them soak for a while and now they’re as good as new–they’ve come in handy for so many projects this summer (will post soon). While there I also snagged a good deal on old basket ( I use it to store Emmy’s toys) and an old art history book!

I love art history, so it was fun to thumb through this one!

the copyright? 1908.





These flea markets have always been intimidating to me because of the haggling that occurs–I think I’m slightly paranoid that I’ll get ripped off, but, the things I’m interested in aren’t really worth all that much. Plus, I think I’ll just enjoy searching for these treasures…


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