once in a blue moon…

This is actually a continuation on the, ‘decorations on a dime‘ post. I figure it might be easier for me to get things posted if I break up the projects. So, here is a bit on one of the previous projects–

Once in a blue moon

Step 1) Find some fun fabric (I think I got this one at Hancock's).

I purchased some fabric to make  floral hair clips for a philanthropic art sale (you can read about that event here). Needless to say, there was a ton left over and this project’s been in the works since last summer, but I just now got around to it!

For this project, you will need:
Staple gun, canvas stretcher strips, paint (optional because great fabric is fun to display too!)

Step 2) Purchase canvas stretcher strips and assemble them (these are cheap at hobby lobby .89-1.50 depending on size).

3) Iron out the fabric . (optional step: paint on design) 4) staple fabric onto the wooden canvas frame (make sure fabric is taut).

Note: If you select a sheer fabric, you should layer with another type of fabric so the colors of the fabric does not change.

The fabric reminded me of both tree vines and spanish moss. Painting is optional, but I decided to add on to fabric because it is only once in a blue moon that nature’s disguises come into full view.

I suppose it goes along with the theme of the blog: keeping an open mind toward adventures in the everyday. Choosing to see fabric beyond its conventional purpose and seeing beyond the design set before me.

The total cost of this project was $3, final size: 20” x 40”

I had these two sweets keeping me company while I worked : )

...so fun!


There are many unique and creative fabric prints out there. I found some that I liked from IKEA for Emmy’s nursery and made these using one of the prints:

The full print can viewed in this old post, it is the fabric we used to make a curtain room-divider for Emmy’s old nursery (we got it during a half-off sale at IKEA).

You could also use freezer paper to stencil a design on your fabric as well, you can read about how to use freezer paper to make stencils, here.

Now, your turn! go make something (and show me)!


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