7 months and scooting!

With one tooth in and some ‘army-crawling-scoot’n action’, here is our sweet princess on her 7th month!

made this for her, will be posting DIY info soon : )

The cooler weather has been making me nostalgic for fall so I went with an orange hue for the backdrop. Since fall hasn’t officially arrived (Sept 23 is the date!), I decided to paint little toadstools. Toadstools are whimsical and remind me of spring and summer so I thought it fitting to include them now.

To view her other montly onesies, click here. There are also DIY freezer paper stenciling directions on that page as well!

Here she is in all of her scooting glory–

Emmy does the'army crawl' as Kandi puts it. I'm still learning how to capture her quick moves ...

Other recent shots of Emmy on the move:

scooting past one her favorites, Fabler, the bunny (yes, that's a carrot mobile, I teach nutrition so I want to make sure she starts off on the right foot ; )

This outfit was actually a gift from her, Nai-Nai (grandma).

Apologies for the terrible pictures, I had to use flash, not enough natural lighting that day : /


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