“…lets do the twist” (DIY headbands-1)

I made this one for my sweet friend, Trisha...

It all started last summer when I was organizing a philanthropic art sale at the Paseo Arts’ District. For the event, I set out to make fabric flowers that I’ve seen on Etsy and various other shops—-I pretty much just winged it and discovered my own ways of making them.

In this post, I’ll show you step by step how to make one of the most basic blooms (like the purple one above and the one Emmy is sporting below). They just require  simple twisting motion of your wrist, a glue gun, scrap fabric (or ribbon), and felt.

Esther was so sweet and made Emmy a, ones-E! She used some of the fabric from the "e" as a ribbon and I took the ribbon and turned into a simple flower for her hair.

1. Glue (using fabric or hot glue) your fabric strip to the felt circle

2. TWIST the rest of the fabric strip

3. Glue the 'twist' in a circular pattern

4. Finish off by carefully gluing the 'patterned-side' of fabric around the outer edge


DIY instructions on the one that I made for Trisha:

here's a snapshot of the one I made for Trisha above

Glue fabric strip to the center, twist, and glue as seen in the previous bloom

For the headband, I used some vintage lace, and hand stitched it o the back of the felt.

Then I hand stitched a smaller piece of decorative fabric to cover up the lace stitching...

Then I packaged up the gift using brown cardstock from a gift box...viola!

Your turn! Go, ‘do the twist,’ show me what you make : )

I’ll be posting another headband DIY soon, they’re really nothing new, I know, but it’s fun to share how I make them, if you make other types, share with me how you do them!


6 thoughts on ““…lets do the twist” (DIY headbands-1)

  1. Pretty!
    also, I bet the twist flowers would look awesome on a door wreath! Like…if you gathered a bunch of skinny twigs and twisted them into a wreath and then accent them with a bunch of your twist flowers in different sizes.

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