late summer blooms (DIY headbands-2)

Autumn officially begins THIS friday and I’m so excited! The past couple summers, I have been making a variety of fabric flower hair pieces and intended to blog about the DIY for some of the ‘non-twisting-blooms’ and especially this recent make:

she just woke up...

For the headband pictured above, I used the following:

  • fabric selection — a sliver of tapestry fabric sample, small strip of pale pink fabric, and hot pink tulle left over from baby shower gifts (I just used stuff lying around–the tulle was from Tiny Tulips gift bow–just make the strips about an 1 inch or so in width and vary according to desired size of final bloom)
  • — felt–for support and cushion the headband
  • —thin nylon tights/pantyhose–for the stretchy but soft band for baby’s head (you can pay $2.99 and get something similar at craft stores, but the material just reminded me of nylon-hose so I just got some cheap pantyhose (50 cents!) and they’ve worked for all of Emmy’s headbands thus far, and they’re always really soft and stretchy (and you could upcycle some old hosiery : )
  • lace, one of my thrifted finds .. 

Anyway here are the steps:

For the patterned flower, I used a small (3/4 in wide and 4-5 inch long sliver of tapestry fabric, it was a fabric sample, but grosgrain ribbon works well too!

1. Cut piece of selected fabric (I like grosgrain ribbon) about 5-6 inches long and 1-1.5 inch wide. 2. Thread a needle and tie a knot on one end of the thread. 3. Slide fabric onto needle--notice the 'ruching' that forms,

4. Fold the ruched fabric into a circle, and stitch together the edges on the backside of the fabric/flower.

Back-side stitching up of edges

Stitch up edges after folding into circle

Play with arrangement, attach blooms to a piece of felt, cut off excess felt so that it does not show. The purpose of the felt is to provide a soft cushion for baby's head and also keep flowers together : )

Use fabric glue to attach the pantyhose/nylon-stretchy fabric to the felt backing of the flower...

...the finished product! I threw in some lace I found at the Norman flea market this summer : )

The tulle and feathery pink flowers are made using method I posted here.

–As for the other blooms—

Folded-fabric bloom:

1. Cut strip of fabric about 1-1.5 inch wide (vary depending on your preference for size), and about 6-7 inches long

2. thread needle, knot on one end, ruche the fabric onto needle as shown in the previous DIY bloom

2. thread needle, knot on one end, ruche the fabric onto needle as shown in the previous DIY bloom

3. finish off by stitching up the edges of the bloom

4. Toss in a button or bead arrangement for the center and you've got a simple fabric flower.

Chiffon bloom:
I was first introduced to chiffon fabric in a theater/costume-design-class in high school, Classen SAS (go Comets!), and have fallen in love with its texture since–when I saw a plethora of light airy blooms last spring, I set out to make some! Like the other blooms, I just winged it and made the one pictured below and then I found these instructions and highly recommend them, I think she explains how to make these light airy blooms better than I could!

I am very fond of chiffon. I love its light and airy texture and no matter how this bloom gets squished, it is so resilient!

More “Do-the-twist” blooms from previous post:

for baby W!

fabric used-chiffon (width: 1 inch), vintage lace, felt, fabric glue, sweet baby headband for Josie P.!

The buttons displayed in these photos were from the Wild Hare Beadery–they have a great selection of beads, vintage finds, and carry jewelry made by locals, including owners, Reese and his wife Margie!

Okay, what things do you do for floral blooms/baby headbands?

Thoughts? suggestions?


9 thoughts on “late summer blooms (DIY headbands-2)

  1. My suggestion, is start a business! You could sell these, AND those adorable leg warmers that I think I read on FB that you made yourself. I would buy them for sure! Your baby is ADORABLE. Congratulations to your family! :)

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