an impromptu ‘creativity-nite’

Last friday, I hosted a ‘creativity-nite’ with a few friends, it was a spontaneous idea so I figured keeping it small would be best. But, I plan to host more of these, “creativity” events this fall and want it to be an inclusive event for all others in the community.

The objective of the evening: to establish a creative atmosphere.

it's the simple things, the little things that make the biggest difference...

There were two basic rules:

1. Come with an open mind and try to rid thoughts of any expectations for art. That is to, choose to forgo any preconceived ideas of what art is…

2. No judgement/criticism can be made on your own work or others –it’s about the creative experience

experience creativity in its elements...

In the past, I generally just organize a craft (or some sort of DIY project), but this time I wanted to shift the focus from “crafts” to creativity.

To do that, I asked each person to bring something to contribute to the “creativ-adventure”
I contributed pages from an old book and paint samples. Others brought a nice smattering of art supplies, office supplies, yarn…etc.

But since this was somewhat impromptu, I also planned a simple paper craft (it was inspired by a card Esther got me last summer).

The agenda for the evening: We began with the planned craft and then moved on to the “creativ-adventure”–I left participation in it optional and had asked Lana (a very talented knitter) to do a quick knitting demo so that others could start on a project if they didn’t feel like experimenting with creativity.

The outcome? It was loads of fun!

The planned craft required: sheets of cardstock, thumb-tack, small pieces of foam board. Everyone began by sketching a simple design on the ivory cardstock, using the tack to punch out holes along the sketch and then erasing the pencil markings. Finally, we used hot glue to attach the ivory cardstock onto textured scrapbooking paper with pieces of foam board in between. This craft was somewhat of an experiment, but it turned out well:

The small foam board pieces between the two sheets of paper (ivory and colored), create a contrast that emphasizes the design (the spacing of the holes was arbitrary).

“Creativ-adventure” –“Creative-venture”–“Creative-adventure”–“Create-venture”
(which sounds better?)

 It was a vibrant evening of creating!
Dozer even managed to snagg some cuddle-time with Lane.

In closing, I first got the idea from reading this article years ago and have since modified the idea a little bit. Anyway, I want to continue hosting these creativity events. My current thoughts are to include the following options:

  1. A table for a planned craft
  2. A table dedicated to experimenting/experiencing creativity
  3. Bring your own project that you’re working on and help foster the creative atmosphere.

So, what are your thoughts/ideas on creativity and these types of adventures?
I would love for you to join me!


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