terrarium project and the autumn agenda

I made my first terrarium in the third grade but, when the plants died I gave up on horticulture. Helping with the community garden has rekindled my interest.  In fact, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a terrarium for quite sometime, but kept it to myself because I felt silly. This summer I took some steps and made a non-living terrarium out of: dollar-store moss, paper napkins, and branches I found in the neighborhood.

I had a pretty vivid imagination as a child--I frequently pictured fairies and elves living in miniature worlds such as these...

I have aspirations of adding to this whimsical world with Emmy as she grows, changing the scenery with the seasons. So far, I’ve only managed to make a few little toadstools using paper napkins:

Have you ever noticed that soggy paper napkins dry semi-firm? Well, it just so happens that I had short stack of napkins that were slightly dampened with water so I "upcycled" them into these toadstools via 3 simple steps: 1. Thoroughly wet thin paper napkins . 2. Shape them into a 'stalk' and a 'rounded cap' 3. Let dry and glue together--viola! biodegradable toadstools for living/non-living terrariums : )

simple acrylic craft paints will do--they are water based and largely considered non-toxic...

I painted a coat of red first, then added the dots...

Well, this Fall I want to put together a living terrarium ( with plants that I hope to keep alive). Luckily, Lane is planning to tackle this project with me! Anyone else want to join?


While I am always bursting at the seams with projects and ideas for more I seriously need to focus. Here goes the abridged list!

  • Sewing:
    I’ve never sewn anything before (without help) and as previously mentioned I have a fondness for ribbon and recently discovered that Emmy does too!

    she got into my ribbon stash while I wasn't looking--sneaky.

    caught red-handed! ha!

    a nervous chuckle and coo later...

    She actually loves chewing on tags so I plan on sewing ribbons onto this fabric:

    it is quasi-mapped out--i may opt to go with just two colors of ribbon around the edges with one being the accent color...

    This ‘tag-blankie’ was inspired by Lotta’s Simple Sewing for Baby (thanks, Emily for the extended book loan!). Only thing is, I think I might be doing this by hand (yikes!).

  • Gifts for soon-to-be mums and babes:
    There are so many people I know that are expecting this season!
  • Costume for Emmy:
    …a plethora of ideas, but only time will tell which I decide to settle on : )
  • Owl bookends:
    This project is hard to describe, and I haven’t anywhere — but it’s in my mind, and I will blog about it when I finish.
  • Photography:
    At one point in my life, I was never without a camera (before the days of digital cameras, I carried a disposable one everywhere I went…craazy!). I suppose I let my desire to ‘capture the moment’ keep me from enjoying moments, so I stopped, but now I think time to resurrect the habit! This time, I want to actually learn how to use Daniel’s DSLR — Breezy‘s already given me a few pointers, but I still have so much to learn! Maybe it will improve the quality of photos I post? suggestions?
  • Knitting:
    There are many many things on my bucket list but, knitting on there So, thanks to Lana, I have begun but, am having trouble keeping the consistent stitches. tips?
  • Getting settled in the new home (painting, decor…etc):
    This will include lots of little projects (probably like the ones in this former post)
  • Hosting more creativity-events.
That’s it for now. Yes, I have gotten started on all of these projects and Daniel will inevitably be helping with many of them! So stay tuned to see our progress!

I did let her continue to explore the ribbons, she was very intrigued...

I love the innocence of little ones, how they take such pleasure in the simplest of things….

3 thoughts on “terrarium project and the autumn agenda

  1. Sounds like a busy Fall season for ya! It’ll be fun to read your posts.

    I never used a SLR until my point and shoot got stolen :( So I had to use Jeff’s SLR. Am still learning how to finagle the thing, but my advice is to experiment a lot, and shoot in natural lighting (so much easier to handle the settings this way, and makes your pics look the best). I’m sure they’ll turn out great.

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