something to chew on…

Emmy officially endorses: Zach Winters‘ newly released album, They were longing for a better country! It’s pretty awesome (and so is the companion CD)!

We carelessly set the CD on the dining table near her dinner and this is what we saw when we turned around! she's a fan!

Aside from chewing on Zach’s CD, Emmy has begun eating Cheerios all by herself!
For us: learning how to do mealtimes, making baby food, and continuing our dinner rhythm has definitely been an adventure! Needless to say, we’ve been documenting some of these precious moments:

Emmy's first introduction to cheeriOs! She examined, poked, and went for it!

"what arrrre these round-crunchy-things, mum?"


sometimes she scoops up a whole bunch only to miss her mouth!

we joke that for every one cheerio that makes it into her mouth, she drops 5 (which makes it into Dozer's mouth!)

she loves her cheeriOs!


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