the birthday weekend…

My mother-in-law’s birthday was last weekend and all she wanted for her birthday was to see Emmy. Isn’t that sweet?

So we invited them to come down and stay with us for the weekend!
Prior to their arrival, we strung together a quick banner…

old textbook pages...upcycled! those darn science texts expire so quickly!

While they spent time with Emmy we went to Zach Winter’s album release party!!

The show was a blast!!! Check out Zach’s page for more info. Since the show took place close to Emmy’s bedtime, she was only there in spirit : )

Now, back to birthday festivities:
To celebrate my mother-in-law,  we had cake with coffee for breakfast!

Then we headed out for brunch at Benvenuti’s.

Benvenuti's Ristorante is excellent--we recommend it!

It was Emmy’s first time at brunch there and aside from all the cheerios she lost on the floor, she did very well!

daddy's princess...

A sweet birthday for a sweet mother-in-law!


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