life on paws: plight of a pooch…

Dozer has been in many photos but, I don’t think he ever received the proper introduction so, meet our faithful pooch, Dozer:

This month, we’re celebrating two wonderful years with Dozer.  We adopted Dozer from a local shelter, Second Chance, when he was just 8 months old! Here he was the day we took him home:
Dozer’s story
Abandoned by his previous owners, shelter officials spotted Dozer (originally named, Cody) and his two brothers along highway 77. They said it took them several months to get the trio to come to them (the pups wouldn’t even come up for food!).  It was apparent to them that there had been abuse and neglect. While at the shelter, Dozer and his brothers slowly healed and learned to love again.

Dozer stood out to us because he was the only dog not to go nuts on us when we walked through the kennels. So we took him on a walk, he laid his head on our laps, and sat super close to us—we knew, he was the dog we had been waiting for. He came home with us for a doggie date.* We slept on the decision and went back the next day to adopt him–that was two years ago!
Dozer’s a super-chill pooch. He loves to sleep, which is why we named him, Dozer. He is a fantastic running buddy and friends/family know him as “Dozer Doodle, Doze, Dozer-doo, Dwhoa-zers, and Dodo”
He’s got personality, in fact, people tend to recognize him more than they recognize us. We attribute it to the fact that he crosses his paws–why anyone would want to abandon such a dynamic dog, we have no idea.

he loves car rides and tends to sit tall in the back seat staring into other vehicles and at other drivers. This can get awkward at times.

he's also super helpful--he carries our water on long hikes : )

Dozer has a best friend, whose loyalty and companionship is entirely unmatched. Here is Dozer and his bestie, Moe.

While Dozer does carry some emotional baggage. many think he’s grown “confident” in the last year.

He’s been with us through some major life changes and has heartily welcomed our sweet Emmanuelle into the family.

A couple of days ago, someone unintentionally startled Emmy and she began to cry. Her cries triggered Dozer to bark at that individual until they backed away from Emmy, it was sweet– Dozer is watching out for her : )

A little confession: Honestly, Dozer has been shafted lately, I’ve been a kind of short with him the past couple weeks. He’s definitely taken a backseat since Emmy came along, so,I figure he deserved to be in the limelight today :  )

Cheers to Dozer, he’s the best!
We can’t think of having a better dog!

*Second Chance allows you to bring any dog (you’re hoping to adopt) home with you. They want to make sure their pets are a good fit for your home. We highly recommend Second Chance–we’ve bumped into them at community events and they recognized Dozer and he always runs up to them, so we know he was well taken care of there!


3 thoughts on “life on paws: plight of a pooch…

  1. Dow-wow-wowser! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. Y’all have the best dog. Jeff keeps on saying ‘when we get a doggie, I want a dog like Dozer.’ If y’all ever need a dog sitter….hehe

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