We were traveling almost every weekend for a little bit this fall, and while road-tripping can occasionally be a drag, it wasn’t too terrible this time around because I kept busy with projects: first real sewing project (ever) is finally complete! Couldn’t have done it without my wonderful husband offering to drive!
This “tag-blankie” inspired by Lotta’s Simple Sewing for baby (except, I didn’t have a sewing machine, so it was a hand-sewn project, thanks for the extended loan :  )
I did deviate by doubling up on ribbons and folding the tags in varying forms—Emmy loves nibbling on the IKEA “shallot” toy because of its mess-o-tags, so I thought, “why not make a, mess-o-tags for the blankie”?
Green was the accent color, and I used ribbon scraps from my stash.

It was a super easy and quick project, just three simple items, really: ribbon, fabric, needle/thread… I think she likes it.
Sewing wasn’t as difficult or tedious as I expected, maybe because I began with something rather small/simple–either way, I feel rather liberated from my fear of sewing and am looking forward to future sewing adventures!


One thought on “sew-liberated!

  1. This looks really nice! keep it up with the sewing.
    And no kidding, on the road trip boredom. I’ve been taking knitting/crocheting stuff with me the last couple times we’ve been traveling and it’s helped a lot. Least it keeps you from falling asleep, right?

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