the time conundrum

Emmy is 9 months old!!!

It's been a challenge for me to capture Emmy the past few months because she's been on the move. Well this month, she managed to sit still for a split second!

 Then, back to exploring she went…

totally standing and beginning to cruise!

and she is definitely beginning to get into things. Luckily she’s learned the meaning of, “no” or so we think…

She’s also learned how to clap her hands and loves to clap to the,  “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” song.
Interactions with Dozer have been amusing since she can get around more quickly these days. He’s a bit jumpy and often sits tall and observes her movement with caution–we often wonder what Dozer really thinks of our little one:

(You can read more about Dozer’s adoption story here.)

This month, I’ve really been struggling with the balancing my time.

I consider myself a full time wife and mom even though I work–and honestly, it’s tons of fun, especially since Emmy’s so sweet and Daniel’s so wonderful–I really have no complaints, only that there isn’t enough hours in a day!

Professor responsibilities have become a bit more taxing the past couple months; It has been challenging for me to carve out time for creativity and connecting with others. However, it  has undoubtedly forced me to face some issues…lets just say, I feel like I’m learning how to prioritize all over again!

I think Daniel and I both share the same sentiment when it comes time to go home, we look forward to this sweet face:

...because, she crawls up to us when we walk in the door!

It really helps to know that two very awesome people watch her while I’m at work (Thank you Sara and Kandi!).

Anyway, There’s always so much going on in my head, I don’t feel like I ever fully “catch-up” with anyone anymore. I was seriously hoping that this blog would help me stay in touch, but I’ve gotten behind on blogging too! All this to say, I’m hoping to catch up on some of our ventures from the past couple months—I’m super thankful to be surrounded by such gracious friends and family that pursue me even when I become so absent-minded. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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