creativity nite-II

We hosted a fall creativity nite last month–it consisted of decoupaging, felting, upcycling, lots of creating… all while we enjoyed great conversation with mulled cider and cookies (Trisha brought some super tasty thumbprint cookies!)…

I followed recommendations and mulled the cider for 3 hours prior to serving, I used cheese cloth to keep the spices together (mulling spices were from Native roots).

yes--mulled cider in a pumpkin! The pumpkin kept the cider very well insulated, it was wonderful.

We had a fun diverse crowd and the honor of having Judah Eland grace us with his smiles.

The planned project was decoupage and we even attempted to make our own mod-podge, but the viscosity was a bit off. Other projects represented included: Miri’s scrapbook, Megan’s gift tags, Kate’s felted sculptures, Lane’s upcycled headbands, Marye’s 3-D cards,  and my project that evening was photography, I even made people model for me–Ha!
The low-lighting did not serve me well, but I am hoping to play around with it some more! Thank you, Breezy for the instructions. AND–thank you, Kate and Casey for putting up with my crazy idea!

It was such a fun evening and I do hope to host more of these, I think I’ll have to reorganize the arrangement of the the tables differently! Anyway, you can read about our first creativity nite, here.


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