Napa Valley in November

As mentioned in an earlier post, we got to tour a vineyard during our time in California. After having spent some time in the Provence region of France, Napa was more beautiful than we had imaged. We think it was the juxtaposition of autumn colors against the mountainous backdrop and the fragrance of the region.

This was all made possible by Daniel’s family, who so graciously offered to watch Emmy while we went on our little date–I have to brag, this was Daniel’s idea : ) We originally wanted to go to the Redwoods and San Fran but ran short on time, so he whisked me away to a castle-vineyard-winery instead!

...vineyards as far as the eye can see! The photo on the left was taken as we approached Castello di Amaroso. The photos on the upper right was taken outside of Beringer, and the one bottom right was taken outside of Mondavi estates (I think).

Castello di Amorosa (the one we toured) shares the same owners as award-winning, V. Satutti. I believe it was built to resemble a small castle he once owned near Florence, Italy and/or an¬†Augustinian monastery that he owns in the Italian countryside–you can read more about the history of the castle, here.

Walking through the castle was somewhat enchanting. The architecture reminded us of some castles we saw in northern Italy (medieval genre). It also housed many ancient wine making artifacts as well as a monastery (I think they even hold services). Anyway, the wine tasting experience was plenty fun. We sampled approximately 10 different wines. I remembered one red particular had lush pomegranate flavors and soft tannins. I generally prefer red wines and reserve whites for hot summer days, but they had a Gewurztraminer that was subtly spicy with floral notes. I think I’d still prefer a red any day, but that Gewurtz was definitely memorable!

There it is--castle in the background, and here we are, after all that wine! At least they didn't guilt trip us for not drink every last sip (they did in Canada!).

We also stopped at Annette’s Chocolate Factory in downtown Napa and sampled some of their Wine Brittle, it was delicious! We bought a small bag to bring back for Daniel’s family and it was quickly devoured!

In summary, we definitely enjoyed the visit and highly recommend Castello di Amaroso and Annette’s chocolate factory!


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