Thanksgiving in California

I know this is a bit overdue, but we had the pleasure of spending our Thanksgiving with Daniel’s parents and his  grandparents, Emmy’s great grandparents (her, Tai YeYe and Tai Nai Nai)! Here is a recap via pictures:

Emmy with her Tai YeYe and Tai Nai Nai while her Nai Nai is making her laugh

Emmy with her Yeye

Emmy got to meet up with her cousin, Savanna Joy.
It was such a sweet trip! We really enjoyed spending time with family and we honestly wished we could have stayed longer. As far as traveling, Emmy did great– so, travel-loving-parents, have no fear!

1) At the Davis Farmers Market, 2) Occupy Davis (we think) 3) Beet Root chips (yum!) 4) Eclectic sun dial 5) Chocolate!!!

The grandparents offered to watch Emmy for an afternoon while Daniel whisked me off to the vineyards in Napa Valley. I will blog about very soon, promise!


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