‘Tis the Season…

Each day has literally been chalked full of adventures! So much so, this is my first official Christmas post!
Well…we kicked off the holiday season with “Rudolph-style” crepes:

Rudolph was a spontaneous creation--the raspberries just made the perfect red nose!

Emmy even got to have crepes with us this time around!

Then we decorated for Christmas–this year we went with live garlands (Douglas fir and cedar, it was the one on sale and didn’t shed!):

Daniel took a pic of me trying to unwind the garland...crazy, but it smelled wonderful!

Perhaps my favorite thing is puling out the pepper-berry garlands that we used in our wedding and hanging the snowflakes we made our first Christmas…
A few years ago, I made these 3-D snowflakes with left over card stock from our wedding invites and have kept them since.

oh the memories-- these were actually the originals we made together while living in our cozy duplex. And yes, they keep, just stick them in a box!

I was inspired by some I saw at the library/Anthro window. Anyway, here is a tutorial if you’re interested in making some for your home. The individual pieces that make up the snowflakes are perfect little ornaments as well!

Lastly, the little candles you see are actually upcycled baby food jars:

yes, we do make our own baby food, but these were a courtesy of the Lebeaus (thanks!!)

I first had the idea a few weeks back when I washed all the jars up and they were just sitting on my counter top:

Then, I threw a few pebbles in the bottom, added tea lights…
For the finishing touch, i simply wrapped raffia and twine around the lip and viola, candle holders! simple, right?

P.S. Many moms just toss their baby food jars out, so just ask for them and they may give you some to upcycle!

So there you have it, we are thrilled for the season to be here!
Cheers to a, handmade holiday!


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