sending some love via snail mail

Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve been rushing to finish packages so I could send them via snail mail–especially because, I heard this story a couple of weeks ago on NPR. Anyway, I figure I might do a little advocating for the United States Postal Service this week because I discovered something new…the usps website!

Fear not the long waits at the post office:
Well, to expedite the process this late in the game, you can go to the  USPS website, where you can purchase postage from the convenience of your home and simply drop off your package (and bypass the long lines! you can see what the online postage looks like in the picture above). Daniel introduced me to that website and it’s great because we need all the help we can get and we always get a little carried away with play at the Kao-house!

The day the news story aired, we  even made some handmade note cards and tags to send off so don’t worry if you want to send some love via snail mail but have no cards or envelopes, go handmade!

we haven't purchased cards in who knows how long, we just make ours! ...old book pages, newspaper clippings, paint samples...etc...

Yes… I am still upcycling paint samples, but they’re so fun, especially with names like, frosted mulberry and moss print! and YES, it took us two weeks to get around to mailing the cards we made…silliness!

For handmade envelopes just use old magazine clippings--just fold up the pages into envelope-form and mail off--be sure to secure the address with glue and then tape over them with clear tape to prevent addresses from falling off (I've had them returned for that reason!) It's always fun to send someone a personalized card and envelope!



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