a simple christmas papercraft…

I was reminded by a co-worker that her kids will be at home for the holiday beginning today and she was frantically brainstorming ideas of things to keep them busy. So I threw this craft into the mix: a 3-D Christmas tree!

You just need (paper 2-4 sheets), scissors, and a glue stick.

1. Fold paper in half, draw silhouette of a tree.
2. Cut out the tree.
3. Glue the folded edge of one page to the corresponding side of another sheet. (Repeat, until desired size.)


They actually serve as part of our advent centerpieces.

During the month of December, we eat by candle-light, adding a candle each day as it nears Christmas to represent the light that illuminates when Christ enters the world.

super kiddo-friendly, right?


Tell me what you think : )

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