fun & feathery headbands (DIY)

The other day I was making the usual fabric flower baby headbands when I decided to toss in a few feathers from my craft-stash and I came up with this:

I made this for Caris whom, I haven't met yet, but can't wait to! I've seen pictures, she's beautiful! Congrats, Jared and Kelleigh!)

I had waaay too much fun with the feathers because a couple of days later, I ended up making this:

How to do it?
1) Gather feathers and arrange in desired pattern on felt:
2) Use fabric glue or glue gun to adhere the feathers to the felt.
3) Cut around the felt and attach headband (similar to directions on this post.)

That’s it! Simple 1-2-3s! I wish I had thought of it earlier, these were super fun to make because I got to tickle Emmy with the feathers AND because she kept her headband on!
I think the featherweight kept her from pulling it out of her hair…
I these would be great as a stocking stuffer/handmade gift for baby or adult (just attach to adult elastic headband)! Have fun with those feathers!


4 thoughts on “fun & feathery headbands (DIY)

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