the feathery 10th month

10 months, already! I finished my first semester as professor early last week and have been catching up on the holiday to-dos and Emmy’s 10 month pics. I just rushed through making the onesie (it’s a little gnarly). But, doesn’t really matter because Emmy didn’t stay still for pics anyway:

(if you like her feathery headband, check here for the DIY info)

Our efforts to capture Emmy from the front were of no avail.
Daniel even gave it a whirl, but Dozer distracted her!

And then we gave up, I just intervened –tada! A tree for the 10th month (pre-Christmas).

That’s it for now, Emmy’s 11th month is coming up next week so check back for those! hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We will be documenting our holiday adventures soon!


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