full of firsts! a synopsis of holiday festivities

Emmy's face as she tried cheese for the first time! Funny because I craved all sorts of cheese while I was pregnant so I was expecting smiles and not grimaces...

I think that we try plenty of new things every Christmas, but I think this being our first Christmas at home we attempted many things for the first time (along side Emmy)!

We kicked off our holiday break by baking cranberry pistachio biscotti together.  We love food presentation and the pistachio-green and cranberry-red were too pretty to resist this year. We tried two different recipes and preferred the ones from here.
Then we made glogg with friends, watched holiday movies, and made stove-top popcorn. It was our first time to make popcorn this way, and I don’t think we’ll be going back to microwave popcorn. We used this recipe from Simply Recipes–it was perfect. It took less than 10 minutes and there were hardly any unpopped kernels! We’re excited to tweak the recipe and come up with our own variety.

On Christmas eve, we brined a turkey (first time!) then, went to see the kiddos in our community perform the Nativity!

iphone photo, so a little blurry, but they were just all precious!

Afterwards, we made gingerbread cookies and Scottish shortbread (used the Joy of Cooking recipes).

Then came Christmas day!

Emmy's two favorites: the Kemochi (thanks to Uncle Jeff and Esther!) and Bunny (from us, mum and pops!)

My folks and came over to visit along with my uncle’s family –plenty more presents! (Although, they were all a bit camera-shy):

Oh, and the Turkey was a success! Daniel took the lead on this one, and it is the best turkey, I’ve ever had!!!


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