Scandinavian glogg

Two days before Christmas, Daniel came home with a bottle of Aquavit and a recipe for glogg. It’s a Scandinavian traditional winter drink and I think what honestly motivated him to try the recipe was its claim to smell like, Christmas (and, it sure did!). But, we happen to think it’s a perfect on other winter occasions too—in fact, we just made some more yesterday!

Daniel heard about the glogg from NPR, and we’ve since modified the original glogg recipe. We’ve included the recipe with our modifications below:

1 cup Aquavit (or brandy or vodka)-we used Aquavit and liked it.
2 cups Burgundy or Pinot noir wine–we used a pinot (tisdale, it was fine)
2 cups Port wine
1/2 cup Raisins
1/2 cup White sugar (was perfect for us, not too sweet!)
2 Cinnamon sticks (we used 3!)
4 whole Cloves
6 whole Cardamom seeds
4 all spice pods–original recipe does not include allspice pods, but we liked them!
peel from one orange (we used one medium orange)
1 slice of ginger (we used 2!)
Blanched almonds (for garnish!)

 1: Soak 1/2 cup of raisins in one cup of aquavit (a Norwegian spirit made with potatoes); Brandy or vodka can be used instead. Soak for 30 minutes before Step 2.

2: Put a large pot on the stove, over high heat. Add one cup of water and 1/2 cup sugar to the pot, and stir with a wooden spoon until the sugar is completely dissolved.

 3: Lower the heat to medium and add your spices – three sticks of cinnamon (each broken in half); four whole cloves; (four allspice pods); six whole cardamom seeds, crushed by hand; a thinly shaved orange peel; and one small piece of ginger, peeled and cut in half. Stir again with wooden spoon. Do not allow the mix to come to a boil from this point on.

4: Add the aquavit-raisin mixture, two cups of burgundy or pinot noir wine and two cups of port wine.

 5: Sweeten and spice to taste.—1/2 cup sugar (or less was perfect for us)

 6: Strain, garnish with raisins and slices of blanched almond — and serve hot off the stove.

The original article didn’t say how many servings the recipe yields, but I’d say 6-8. It can be made a day ahead and kept covered, at room temperature. Just reheat before serving.

Glogg may also be perfect for ringing in the New Year too! It’s definitely a fun drink to have with friends. Although, Emmy can’t have any!! Thank goodness, Trisha kept her company!

as did Lane, on a separate occasion :)

Leif made a hand-tree while the rest of us, “glogged”

After we finished our glogg, we used this recipe to make stove-top popcorn in the same pot (after rinsing!) and it gave our popcorn a nice flavor–a little salty, sweet, cinnamon-y,, yummy-goodness!

The picture doesn’t capture to very breadth of its scrumptiousness, but hope it gives you ideas and guts to go “glogg-ing”! Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Scandinavian glogg

  1. Yummy! That is my favorite popcorn recipe- the shaking in the pan for 30 seconds does the trick every time! And I love the idea of making it in the pan that the glogg had been in- great idea!

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