Happy New Year!!!

We don’t usually do much for New Year’s but this year has been the most memorable by far–it was just great spending the day prior with friends and family. Plus, Daniel had the great idea of starting this morning off with some cranberry mimosas!

The arrival of 2012 was a bit surreal to me. Perhaps it’s because, so much has happened in one year–I mean, I can hardly believed that just a year ago today, I looked like this:

2011 was filled with adventures, and we relish every bit of the year that has passed,
…especially the arrival of, sweet sweet Emmy!

em's funny face captured by sarah denbow

More things happened in 2011 then we thought possible, and for that we feel incredibly blessed! It was a season of jubilee for us in more ways than we imagined. So, with that being said, there are many new exciting developments for Mariposa and we’re looking forward to 2012, too!

We’re not big New Year’s eve people, but we did manage to celebrate the arrival of 2012 with some friends. First, we met up with the Winters at the Urban Wilderness:

…did some walking/hiking around and found some unexpected lush green grass!
Later that day, we ushered in the 2012 with more friends and glogg!

We actually spent New Year's eve a couple of years ago with the Allens, so it was fun to gather again!

Don't worry, I wasn't thaaat glogged! I was just tinkering with the settings!

It was fun to visit with the Allens and see Sophia Quinn, she has grown so much!
And we even got to meet Caris, she was such a beauty! I wish I had gotten a close up of her, but I didn’t want my flash to wake her (she’s snug in daddy’s arms, see?).

We all felt our eyelids getting heavy as the clock inched toward midnight, but we did manage to stay awake!

The arrival of any new year beckons us to reflect on the adventures of the previous year and look forward to the ones that await. We have expectant hearts toward the ventures of 2012  and wish the same for you!



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