cozy up, coffee cup!

I had trouble coming up with handmade gift ideas for dudes (especially since I didn’t really have a sewing machine). Trying my hand at the blanket stitch, I decided to make a mustache cup cozy:Mustaches have their own little charm, don’t they? It seems that they’ve made a come back in style. Although, I’d like to say that my personal interest in mustaches developed prior to their trendy appearance, thanks to silly “mustache competitions” at NYSC (when I was a delegate/staph there in ’03/’04). Regardless, this was a fun project:

…and, it was a non-sewing-machine endeavor!
I just cut out a silhouette of a mustache on one piece of felt, laid it on top of another  piece of felt, blanket stitched around the edges, added an elastic band in between the layers and attach the button (it was made from a fallen tree limb!).
When I go on runs, I collect fallen tree limbs/branches that I find unique. I have been itching to do something with them besides simply displaying them in vases or making mobiles from them…anyway, i thought buttons were perfect:
A hand saw and some sanding does the trick, but friends from Miller carpentry saw what I was doing and let me borrow some equipment to make the process go faster (thanks!). In addition to these little buttons, I’ve been working on a few other projects using the limbs and branches I find while on walks and runs! I will blog about those soon too!

I also did something similar for a dear friend of mine, Kelly–except, instead of a button, I sewed on ribbon for some feminine flair:
Alrighty, here’s to a sustainable coffee sleeve and a terrific Tuesday to you!


8 thoughts on “cozy up, coffee cup!

  1. Too cute! I may have to try my hand at this! However, I may lazy it up a bit and use a sewing machine and do the hand stitching as an accent. (Yes, I really am that lazy!) Love your ideas!

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