eleven months and counting…

No, she can’t count yet, but our sweet Emmy has been eleven months for a little over a week now, and I think we have been in some denial-–she’s just a few weeks shy of being ONE!
…her hair has been out of control because she rarely keeps accessories on now days. Luckily, she is letting us pull it up (for the most part)–Daniel does a great job at pulling it back for her, doesn’t he?
This month has been exciting so far for two main reasons: 1) we discovered that she can respond to certain phrases in mandarin Chinese and English, 2) we’ve managed to squeeze in a play date with Elijah (they were on opposite nap schedules for the longest time). He’s the fella that shared his johnny jump with her and he taught Emmy to “ROAAR” a while back– so without further adieu please meet, mister Elijah:

isn't he cute?! the best part...he loves getting his picture taken : )

They played so well together, definitely working on those sharing skills…

Elijah loooves getting his photo taken, he always looks at the camera--so cute (emmy was having an free-for-all-hair-day, as you can see ; )

And, of course it was fun to hang out with Cathleen too!
Other developments? She’s starting to “feed” us, point and babbling, and we’re looking forward to hearing more from her soon. She even stood without support for a sec today—crazy.

And yes, I still freezer-paper-stencil her onesie (it’s getting a bit tedious so I’m looking forward to finishing her twelfth month soon)– to see her previous months, go here, here, here, here, and here. So there you have it, 11 months and super wiggly,
We tag-teamed for these photos, so Daniel was the primary photographer behind the eleventh month photo-shoot…She turned eleven months on Jan 5, which was the weekend before our anniversary, so she celebrated with us by going to the Paseo First Friday art walk but more on the anniversary details to come!


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