the anniversary photo tree …

We celebrated our third anniversary a week ago by making this little picture/note tree –it’s been 3 years and one week!The inspiration?  Kelli and Will Stackable’s “Save the Dates” they had a photo of the tree they carved their names on to– it was really cute, kinda stuck with me : )
Then I found this little part of a tree limb and it all came together for me…
Now, for the DIY details of this project…
Gather: a portion of a branch/tree limb, floral wire used for wreaths, drill, wire cutter, optional: knife for carving design, liquid nails or E-6000
1. After you’ve “rescued” your branch, try to let it dry out a bit (this was difficult for me; i just wanted to get to work!). Once dry, decide where you want your photo/note holders to sit, I noticed that the side of my branch had a natural hole in it and thought it would be fun to stick the note holders in it, so I really just drilled one hole on the top:2. Drill holes where you’d like but using drill bit that is comparable in size to the wire of your choice (just be sure the wire is strong enough to hold its shape).
3. Take your floral wire and make a spiral out of it, like this:

you could technically make all sorts of fun shapes from the wire to hold your photos and notes in place, too

4. Stick the note/photo holder that you made from flora wire into the drilled hole (you can add glue to secure the wire if you choose, but it’s not necessary if you choose the appropriate size drill bit).
5. Optional: Carve heart design
After this little project, we had dinner at The Coach House and did some reflecting. It’s crazy how time flies, I know I say that all the time, but I really do mean it when it comes to marriage—it’s been such a joy to share life with each other and our love has definitely grown richly over the years. It seems each year, we are just overflowing with more love and abounding with more and more grace for each other…

Justin Falk Photography

our reception site--IAO art gallery, such fun memories...

It’s also really fun to know that creativity and art is still just as important to us as it was then–not to say that our little projects are necessarily fine art or anything, it’s just fun to be creative together, you know? Anyway, I feel pretty lucky that Daniel does indulge me with these little projects—last year, we were prepping for arrival of Emmy we made this mobile together on our second anniversary (the sticks were collected from a park where some of our engagement portraits were taken and Daniel helped me cut the butterflies out of old book pages ; )

And then for our first anniversary we made this clock by upcycling our old wedding invites and programs–we made it because clocks are apparently the traditional first anniversary gift, we always wondered why, do you know? We didn’t stick with “traditional gifts” after the clock but, time really does fly when you’re having fun! Here’s to many more anniversaries!


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