upcycled branches & repurposed knobs

I found these knobs a while back, when I was out thrifting, they remind me of the pretty ones at Anthro. So, remember the photo tree when I said I’ve been collecting fallen limbs and branches on my runs and have been working on some projects? Well, I used some of the limbs to make this necklace holder as a birthday present for Megan last December:

I finished it just moments before her party began so just snapped a quick photo...

This is Meg--she helped me take pics for a Father's day gift for Daniel when Em was just 4 months old! such sweet memories...

 Meg’s a really sweet girl and shares my love for brown paper packages (tied up with string!) so I figured she might also share my love for ‘bringing the outdoors inside’!

A couple of months ago, I went on a walk with Breezy and she pointed out what cedar wood looked like so I kept an eye for them--it turns out they smell nice when burnt and you can't purchase them so most people don't throw them out, but a kind old fella gave me a small limb (he wanted to burn the rest of his branches over the holidays). Anyway, I called around trying to borrow a chain saw when, Cody of Total Tree Skill Force in Norman, just offered to just slice it up for me-- Thanks, Cody Slimp*!

Isn’t cedar wood just beautiful? I love that the heartwood is distinctly different from its surrounding sapwood (all new terms, I picked up from putting this project together, again, thanks Miller carpentry–I feel like I’m learning so much on these little adventures of mine).

Inspiration: Esther has a super sleek and mod necklace holder made out of knobs that was the inspiration for this project. Check hers out here. It’s genius because it holds longer necklaces! I upcycled tree slices instead of purchasing unfinished wood from the craft store–but, I did check and you can even purchase tree slices so you don’t have to go foraging for them if you haven’t got the time!
–DIY info:

After you’ve got your wood, you can just drill holes using a drill bit similar in size to the knobs and screw them in. I actually had fun making these and went out and got a couple more knobs and made one for Sarah (who is in Beirut and I miss terribly!). Anyway, I think these tree limbs are just natural and timeless in their own whimsical way…Other knob ideas:
If you use drawer handles you could hang earrings on them (I’ve seen some pretty cool vintage handles out there, wish I had thought of the idea while making these!).
you could use, wooden knobs—I found some that are just  $0.50 cents at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store and I think it’d be fun to doodle a design on them or paint them…

I think earrings can also hang from the "floral" knob...and you don't have to use ribbon, you can use the hooks on the back, too!

See, fallen branches and limbs aren’t that bad, right? I am definitely an advocate of upcycling them and displaying their natural elegance…

* I told Total Tree Skill Force (Cody Slimp) that I’d help promote his business: So…if you need, “stump grinding, trimming, removal jobs big or small,” give them a call, they give “free estimates and are fully insured and bonded for your protection” — 405-799-8884


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