in retrospect: DIY baby food…

Since Emmy is turning one in about a week, we’ve been reflecting on the many different phases of her growth and how we adapted as parents. One phase we thought just flew by was that of making baby food!

first taste of crepe!

Emmy has been eating more ‘grown-up’ foods for a few months now and we’ve really enjoyed being able to share our meals with her (minus the nuts and honey). Emmy must feel adventurous trying all sorts of new things!

The making-baby-food-season was relatively short-lived and not as much of a hassle as I had thought. We did invest in a food processor, but even if you didn’t have one, it was relatively easy to pull off, compared to what I thought.

funny thing--emmy loooves lentils and spinach, score! she's about 9 months old here

I shadowed moms during the pregnancy (yes, I shadowed them, “mommyhood” is  a full-time endeavor (even though i work), right?)–it was such a great experience. I  was privy to the lives of some amazing moms in the community. Well, I watched them make baby food and always wondered if it was efficient and how to do it, they all just said to me, “oh, you’ll just get the hang of it”–In retrospect, I laugh at the silly questions I had, because they were right, I did just transition in motherhood and everything would be alright. Anyway, we aren’t the best at planning but here are our baby food 1-2-3s,:

  1. We planned to have one meal of our own that required the use of the food processor/blender*
  2. We made sure our meals were colorful (spinach, carrots/sweet potatoes, lentils…etc)
  3. We steamed/baked whatever foods for Emmy and popped them in the processor before we made our meals…
    Example: We planned to have butternut squash one week and then black bean hamburgers a different week. So when we puree the squash for ourselves, we froze some for Emmy, same with the black beans. While the food processor was out on the counter we chopped up

I think that method worked best for us because it streamlined with our family rhythm.

I am no expert on making baby food–I consulted many books and resources, one that I found online was, from Iowa State University and then I used this website for ideas. (It’s kinda tough having a graduate degree in nutrition because I’m always skeptical of nutrition tips from unknown sources, anyway, the second link had great ideas but I don’t know if all of her “nutrition” claims are supported with evidence). We’ve really just been making it up as we go, honestly.

Finally, the season may have just flown by so quickly because we had help—the Lebeaus gave us baby food that Elijah grew out of/rejected–I think that kid must have very select taste buds haha! So I think they deserve a little shout out! Thanks!!!


2 thoughts on “in retrospect: DIY baby food…

  1. Good to know! We are soon transitioning to this phase, so it’s helpful to hear how it’s done. Love that sweet girl and the Kaos!

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