upcycled scrabble tiles–>magnets (DIY)

Last year when I joined Pintrest, it seemed like everyone (including myself) was “pinning” these scrabble title coasters–a brilliant idea, I thought! However, these little tiles haven’t exactly been the easiest to find (people toss them out because of the tiles are missing anyway). This minor complication (in my journey to gifting some coasters for friends) and the convenient clutter/shocking lack of creativity on my fridge culminated in the creation of,  scrabble-title-magnets! They’re great because, magnetic poetry kits are occasionally void of some, ‘perfect word’, for inspired prose of the moment!
After, watching Midnight In Paris (AND loving it!), the “perfect” word I was searching for was, ‘pedantic‘ (It is exactly why I hesitant to pursue academia, I didn’t want to become pedantic, you know?). I have an old magnetic poetry set that didn’t have that word so it inspired me to upcycle scrabble tiles I found into magnets.
Now for the DIY info:
scrabble tiles (flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales..etc),
E-600 or Liquid Nails,  moderate-strength magnets, and heavy item to weigh down on the magnet to insure it has adhered.

Simply glue tiles to the magnets, keep together for 10 minutes and then, enjoy!
I know I’ll eventually cave and get Emmy plastic-letter-magnets, but for now, I’ll stick to these. I think they are a playful addition to our fridge!

P.S. here is the inspiration:

photo credit: intimateweddings.com

cute, aren’t they? maybe when I get enough tiles I can make them, or trivets or even a wall display, a welcome sign, thumb tacks for a memo board –so many ideas flooding my mind! Happy Wednesday!


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