emmy’s first birthday

Our sweet Emmanuelle turned, the big O-N-E this past weekend!!! She is pictured above getting her first taste of cake! We had cake pops instead of cake–thought it’d be fun for everyone to munch on their pops along side her (plus, it made clean up a breeze)!
She didn’t know what to do with her cake pop at first, but that was alright, dad gave a little nudging and she happily enjoyed every last crumb of her cake ball : )
…other party details
We knew wanted something whimsical and nature-inspired.
So, we went with cheery spring colors and used upcycled things on hand for decor. Since our top priority was for her to celebrate with those closest to her, we knew we had to juggle nap schedules and thus, thought afternoon teatime was most fitting!

While in the UK, we discovered that teatime isn’t complete without scones! So, we made scones using this recipe (quick, easy—best recipe ever, Cathleen was right!)
the other teatime treats included: madelines*, cookies*, fruit, cucumber tea sandwiches, and of course the cake pops (I let the white chocolate seize so the coating on some were rather lumpy and then we ran out of sprinkles! so some of them looked a bit funny, oh well, all went to the same place, right? )
*the macaroons and chocolate cookies were from Benvenuti’s. Anthony sent Daniel home with a cookie a while back and that sealed the deal for us, we had to share them!

Decor—We made cake stands from old tree stumps, gathered willow branches for the cherry blossom garland, upcycled an old bed sheet for the ribbon garland, and used the rest to create a nice backdrop for pictures. Craziest part? I serendipitously found a lace runner that I think helped pull the teatime theme together!We had fun making garlands!
The best part of the party, of course was the company!!! Emmy was blessed to be surrounded by her family and closest buds (I have many more photos to post)!Her attire—let’s just say, I got overwhelmed with all the pink. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely certain hues of pink that I really adore, but with Valentine’s and and the pink cherry blossoms, I wanted a splash of indigo blue…
I figured it was too late to give up on the monthly onesies so that made the rest of her outfit easy! Her headband was made using using this method. Just so you know, we DID let her dig into her birthday cake, too! It was a very special cake, but seeing how long this post has become, I’ll have to write about it later!Oh, what a joy it’s been to celebrate her first birthday, she’s such a sweet blessing!
Thanks to everyone who made the day oh so very special!!!
**photo-credit: some of the photos taken were courtesy of Esther and Jeff Kao, thanks!


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