thankful hearts…

you can link them together, like paper-chains for a garland too : )

It’s a snow day here in Norman, OK! Some classes are delayed/cancelled so I’m thinking about my co-workers with kiddos at home and thought I’d write about a recent craft that I think is fairly kid friendly–>paper-heart garlands/thankful-heart-garlands:

This Valentine’s day we’re giving our “thankful hearts” to our friends (hoping to deliver them tomorrow!). The inspiration came from this garland I made for  Emmy’s birthday:

...these are in our hallway, kinda fun because it leads up to the den area of our house, our little paper-heart garland all strung together on twine : )

This idea all came from writing thank you notes for Emmy’s gifts! My goal was to get them out before Valentine’s anyway, so the heart shapes were fitting. But then, I got to thinking about how fun it would be to incorporate the thankfulness into Valentine’s. I mean, Valentine’s to Daniel and I have always been about chocolate (more on that later), but we want to cultivate a thankful heart year-round and not merely at thanksgiving time, so why not have a thankfulness-reprise at Valentines?
DIY info:

1)Fold strip of paper in half (width up to you). 2) Write message on outer flap and inner flap. 3) Glue together the center of the outer ends. Ta-da! That's it hang your hearts, string your hearts, give them away...

Do you think it’s kiddo-friendly? Emmy rips the hearts apart at this age, but I figure it’d work well with older ones plus, you can just upcycle unwanted paper this way, too : )We have many many reasons to be thankful around here in the, Kao-house! But, at its core, we really do believe that a, “thankful heart prepares the way”–when I posture my heart towards thankfulness, I feel it become malleable and readied to perceive everyday life through a different set of lenses (if you know what I mean).  I guess it feels like thankfulness also comes with abounding grace in many ways!
Another idea I just had was to have a, “thankful-heart tree” (hang our “thankful hearts” on branches in a vase over the month of February?)–if only I had thought of the idea earlier on!  Alright, that’s it for me, enjoy the snow today!


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