covert cooking: cake pops

It’s no secret, I toss wheat germ, flax-seed, dry milk powder into our food and substitute with wheat flour whenever possible! So what all did I toss into Emmy’s birthday cake pops?

my first time making cake pops...

…nothing out of the ordinary, just white whole wheat flour! Relieved? Daniel was! He’s generally skeptical of the things I make. I used white whole wheat flour and was really surprised how moist the cake batter came out–I used this recipe and  discovered that using whole wheat white flour makes the world of a difference! Apparently, soft white wheat grain absorbs liquids in a way that yields a more moist product. The recipe is actually for moist whole wheat muffins so it worked well in forming the cake balls. I used all natural white chocolate chips and bark for the coating (and made sure there wasn’t any partially hydrogenated oils in it). To make the pops, I used this recipe.
The tricky part about the coating was making sure that the white chocolate doesn’t “seize”–I know I’m a novice cook, but the directions for making white chocolate covered cake pops didn’t mention a thing about keeping the white chocolate from seizing. An hour before the party, I was stuck with seized chocolate, so, many of the pops from the later batch seemed clunky and lopsided :/
Emmy and others devoured the cake pops without a problem, but the question still remains–how to revive seized white chocolate? any tips?!


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