allergies and the oscars…

Daniel and I have been anticipating the Oscars this year with much excitement! We really love film and are definitely rooting for our top faves of 2011:The Artist (to my friends–this was the silent film, I’ve been telling you about since May!)
We did finally get to watch it a couple weeks ago (thanks, Kenah!) and was blown away! Everything about it just captivated us the moment we heard about it last summer! Michel Hazanavicius did an awesome job, we just fell in love with the characters, and well…it was in short, amazing.

Tree of Life (Each frame was just so incredibly exquisite!!)

Okay, I know it really isn’t for everyone, but you’ve got to admit, it was fresh, right? Beautiful cinematography and photography! I think I liked this one more than Daniel did, but it was an incredibly thought provoking film! I think it really did a great job of portraying life as either by way of grace or nature, and I confess there are many things about the film that remain a mystery to me. We thought it was beautiful and caused us to reminisce childhood in many regards! Did you see it? What did it make you think about? ..we hope it snags something, especially because it’s a once in a decade production by Malick (Go Terrence!).

Okay, we also really loved, Midnight in Paris!

We just found this film charming and felt like it brings Hemingway and many of our favorite artists to life! Plus, it’s directed by Woody Allen!!!

There are many other productions that we adored like, The Help and the short film/animation, Dimanche! We’ve been busy this year and didn’t get around to watching many but are looking forward to seeing what the academy unveils (–all very political, I’m sure, but generally great picks, right? I’m sure some beg to differ). Daniel and I are by no means, film experts, but have such deep respect for the arts and admire the immense creativity that lies within cinematography, art direction, the costumes, music….the production of a great film, you know?

I guess watching films wouldn’t necessarily be what one might consider an adventure, but I dare say it could be–especially if the films start out a bit, strange (dinosaur scene from tree of life, anyone?). Anyway, why am I blogging about this at this hour? Allergies. I guess it’s only Ironic that my sinuses aren’t cooperating the night before the Oscars!


6 thoughts on “allergies and the oscars…

  1. Amyie I loved tree of life, as you know!!! :) it was beautiful and touches a part of the mind/soul that is rare for film (in my experience). Turns out the artist is gone from Hollywood theaters so we will have to wait for DVD release :(

    • yes! i just wonder which one will get best original screenplay, all three of these are original. It’s a bummer about The Artist– maybe when it’s released on dvd we could borrow someone’s projector and have an outdoor movie? just an idea!

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