A million sniffles and sneezes later, here I am, alive and at play with sweet Emmanuelle! Playtime these days have been filled with unexpected games! She loves playing chase, peek-a-boo, dancing to upbeat music, and we’ve discovered that she’ll drag a book off to a corner and “read” to herself—in her own little gibberish (it’s pretty funny).

I’m reminded of what my friend, Erin would always say, “I bet she’s growing like a weed!” and yes, yes, she is!

New developements:
She’s taken a couple steps this week and went out on her first lunch date!

… she’s also become rather fond of her bunny!

And her current style, the one-sock wonder….

We don’t even try to keep both socks on, anymore! So many people stop to tell us she’s missing a sock, but we’ve stop caring and decided to embrace her quirk–she always seems to lose her right sock…

She’s also been pretty mischevious with Dozer, keeping him on his toes, so much so that we think he’s been “dozing” more than ever before….

Of course, there have been many little adventures on our end these days, too (roasting coffee, crocheting, knitting, and sewing just to name a few ; ) We’re about to head out to visit Daniel’s Nai Nai and YeYe out in Cali this week, but intend to update soon!


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