redwoods in the rain

 The last time we were in Cali, we really wanted to visit the redwoods but didn’t get a chance to so we told ourselves, “rain or shine, we’re going this time!”…..and we sure did!

It was pouring!!! (as evidenced by our super trendy ponchos and rain-gear ;) We love dreary-cold weather so it didn’t take away from the experience although it made photos a bit harder of a challenge….made me wish I had this for my camera:

The Hydrophobia Think Tank (photocredit: Richard Peters)

But since we didn’t have a “Think Tank” we just snapped a few photos here and there and merrily continued on our way!
 Daniel actually got a poncho and gave methe umbrella to snap some quick photos, what a guy! ; ) As for Emmy, she loved cupping her hand and catching all the little droplets and her awe-struck upward gaze was simply priceless…
…these redwoods totally engulfed us making the entire experience in the rain, magical.
There is just something majestic about those ancient redwoods that just towered above us, if only they had ways of communicating all that they lived to see, right? We later learned that redwood trees actually draw in moisture throughout the entirety of their trunk and not just from its roots (totally made sense why we drove in some dense fog as we climbed in altitude!).It was pretty rainy here in last week, and as much as I love the smell of rain, it pales in comparison to the intoxicating smell of the redwoods! We’re hoping to camp next time!  Have you ever camped out at the redwoods? Any suggestions of places to go/times to go?


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