rounding up the roundups: terrariums

I’ve been totally engrossed with terrariums for a very long time now (just ask Daniel!). They were initially introduced to me when I was in third grade when I made my very first one; I think that experience instilled within me a fondness for these whimsical worlds…

photo credit: the Doodle Birdie Etsy shop

Since terrariums occupied so much of my recent creative “dream-space”, I have definitely scoured the web in search of inspiration and tutorials! Here are a few of the things I’ve found:
Mason jar terrariums (which can also be found at the Doodle Birdie Etsy shop). Mason jars have a charm of their own and the plus side is you can find them at flea markets/garage sales!

also from Doodle Birdie Etsy shop

Light bulb terrariums: Believe it or not, I have saved interesting looking bulbs for quite some time and this looks like a fitting project for them! DIY info for these (and mason jar) terrariums can be found at the, ette studios terrarium roundup.


Apartment Therapy wrote did a terrariums roundup a while back which got me interested in succulents. More recently, they identified some low maintenance options such as “terrarium kits” for those of you who may like the look but aren’t interested in starting from scratch. In their post they include sustainable options/ kits from a variety of sources (Antro to West Elm)…

photo credit: Apartment Therapy

-Finally, I’ve  also  been referencing these two books (definitely eye candy!):

photo credit: Susan Beal

photo credit: Craftzine

Last but not least, if you’re interested in some history you should check out Design Sponge’s roundup. Not only do they include DIY terrarium tips their tid bits of history make the process so much more fun!

As for me, the “green adventures” have begun! My two little air-plants are doing very well, we’ve also been growing wheat grass and setting up our garden. Sweet Emmy enjoys spending time outdoors! I just discovered that she’s knows the word, “tree” today! But more on us, and the rest of our Spring break in the next post.

photo credit: Design Sponge

That’s it for terrariums, now—there are millions of tutorials out there, these were my fav roundups! Oh the possibilities are endless!!!

How about you? What are your feelings towards plants? Green thumb or not, they seemingly give an ethereal radiance to any room, don’t you think?


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