cruise control, off…

One lovely gray morning, Emmy decided to take her very first steps without assistance–she wanted to be next to Dozer, so she wiggled her way out of my arms  and WALKED over to him!!! And, together they were, simply watching the world go by while I fumbled for my phone to capture the moment!Emmy adores Dozer….

She’s become a more confident walker over the past couple days which we think Dozer may have some thoughts about so, we figure we’d let him be our guest blogger, today:

This weekend at the Clark's Easter brunch, I was reminded of how pet owners speak on behalf of their animals---you know, how we tend to articulate whatever thoughts our critters seem to be communicating; they do have a rather, expansive repertoire of facial expressions, don't you think?

The truth is, I haven’t been getting much sleep these days…

I’ll let you in on a little secret–I use to just sit barely out of her reach! But since she’s begun crawling and now, WALKING…it’s impossible to escape her. Which is quite alright, I do love the princess of the house. The only thing is, she’s just so unpredictable, popping out from underneath chairs and tables, all of it keeps me on my toes…But, she’s a cutie and generally pretty gentle with me and I love her.
I’ll let her tug on my tail,
and even yank on my ears,
Yes, I try to dodge her, but it’s to no avail,
…the little one is walking, away with my fears!

She’s the princess of the house and I love her SO.
And, until the day that she meets her beau,
I suppose I play part guardian, part pooch, and continue to,
Iet her tug on my tail and yank on my ears,
away with my fears,
…little one is walking.
This is the Ode to a sweet Emmanuelle, narrated by Dozer Kao ; )


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