the DIY paper pom/puff balls

Remember the poms in the post about Tess? Well, I just realized that I forgot to post about it. Did you ever make carnations/Mexican paper flowers as a kid? I did. And that was precisely what inspired me to try my hand at making paper pom-poms–totally a trial and error thing, but here goes!

DIY info:
1) Gather: floral wire (or any kind of wire), 8-12 sheets of thin tissue paper, scissors

Don’t worry, I double checked my pom-plans against poms that a friend purchased! It turns out that the larger-size pom-pom (gray) is just a smidge smaller than the average tissue paper square (just enough room for rounded edge!)

2. Fold your tissue paper into accordion style–depending how large your pom is and the weight of your tissue paper, the width of each fold may vary.
For my large poms, I used a 2 inch fold and for my smaller poms, I used 1 inch fold (I think I may have made some medium ones that used a 1.5 inch fold)

You basically, want to make sure that each layer of tissue paper pulls easily…

3. After you make your folds, take your wire and wrap it around the center of your accordion folds

5) Simply begin to pull each layer apart!And there you have it! Simple paper poms!


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