on pins and needles

photo cred: Esther Kao

During the recent cupcake obsession, I figured out how to make cupcakes using felt. Further, I discovered a use for them:
Pincushions. See?

photo cred: Esther Kao

I’ve been making them as gifts and keep forgetting to post the DIY info, so here goes!
Gather: Two sheets of Felt (one color for the “cake” and the other for the “frosting”), Glue Gun, Scissors, Iron

1. Take a standard size piece of felt: Cut in half, and fold each half, then iron. The example pictured above is a “mini” size. Take the folded pieces of felt and roll up. Using your fingers push up from the bottom side to give a “risen” cake/muffin appearance and trim excess felt in order that your

2. Using a glue gun attach a smidgen of glue onto the end of your “frosting” felt.

3. Twist your “frosting” felt like so.

4. As you twist put small dabs of hot glue onto your “cake” surface and immediately attach your “frosting” felt.

5. Just keep going, when you get to the top, tuck the “frosting” felt strand under the rest.

The one I made was a miniature one for Samara but I’ve made many to give away as pin cushions–the variations are endless.


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