the Big Apple & Windy City whirlwind

Last month, we left Emmy for the first time with the grandparents as we helped our friends move to NYC.  It was a little hard, but it was fun to have a little time to ourselves (plus, the gracious grandparents have eagerly been awaiting the opportunity to watch her!). Emmy was wonderful and loved getting to spend time with her Nai Nai and YeYe. This is a little belated, but here’s the condensed roundup from last month’s whirlwind:

1) Daniel ran a half marathon the morning after we got back from Tulsa (5:30am!). He did amazing!!! His knees had been troubling him and since our trip to Redding, he was believing for complete healing of his knees–so, he ran the whole 13.1!!!

It was a dreary morning, but joined in for the last several miles and loved the experience, so we’re actually going to do the color run next month and a half together in December!

2. Monday morning at 6am, we wake and help our sweet friends, move up to NYC!

3. We loved the trip because we got to spend lots of quality time with our friends:

We drove through Kansas City, St.Louis, Cincinnati and a smattering of many towns and when we weren’t driving, we played with the dSLR.

4. We arrived in on Wednesday and got to spend the evening exploring Astoria. Driving through Manhattan wasn’t too terrible, thanks to Daniel!

Oh, the places we’ve been! I hope to have a follow-up post for more photos, but here are a random selection of some memorable moments we snapped:

Found these lovely birdhouses on the Highline–loved it, it definitely felt like a local’s nook/getaway, people on lunch breaks enjoying the birds and the gardens….

Times square, waiting for rush tickets in the wee hours of the morning, saw this guy across the street, he was the only one in line for the Gershwin rush tickets…we were the 50th in our line (Once musical–AMAZING! if you loved the movie, you’ll love the musical!!!), anyway, I don’t know that guy but I was a little bored waiting in line and just took random photos

Moomah Cafe!!! amazingly sweet creative space–loved it. We were in tri-becca just to visit this cafe but wished we could have stayed for the film festival…so close, maybe next time!

We LOVE pedestrian friendly cities and thus loved being able to walk from one borough to the next and meed up with friends at Madison Sq for a “foodie” feast!

Chelsea market, the Highline, loved seeing street art, hoped to bump into a Banksy but didn’t (till Chicago!)

Here’s a smattering of spots we visited and things we saw, did, and ate! We also visit MoMa and the Met to see the Stein collection (amazing.). What did we enjoyed most? … the small things like standing in line for community rush tickets (and chatting with locals), Chamberlain exhibit at the Gugg, Dumbo district, the Brooklyn flea..etc gave us a taste of the local flavor!

We stayed till Sunday afternoon and headed home. But then…a thunder storm hit Chicago and delayed our flight till the next morning so we luckily got to spend time with the O’Donoghues! They were so gracious to let us stay and even drive us to the airport, funny thing, is, we just went back to Chicago last weekend for Coffee Fest (details to come!).

Of course the get away was nice, but it made the return home so much more sweet, when we got to see these two!


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