if Emmy could articulate her thoughts…

I’m confident she would tell the entire world about her amazing Dad!
She would talk about how her dad juggles his roles so well–working full-time, starting the coffee business, and the many ways he is intentional within the home (quality time, cooking, cleaning, providing…) she’d also tell him how much she loves him! And……how much she loves it when he tosses her in the air.
…how much she loves swinging with him.…how she loves to snuggle with him (especially, in the mornings! She’s 9 months above).…how she loves lunch dates with him at yummy spots like, Forward Foods.…how she’s just tickled to build forts and play with him.

…how she loves it when he reads to her (Yep, that was her last June at 5 months!).

…how she loves adventuring with him in the everyday, from exploring new places (and spaces!) to roasting coffee beans.

It’s kinda crazy how quickly sweet Emmanuelle is growing! The pic below was from our Father’s Day project last year (with help from Meg Walsh :)
Our Father’s day project this year wasn’t nearly as elaborate as last year, but hopefully still just as meaningful!

…getting a toddler to make little heart shaped thumb prints was a bit of a challenge, but fun!

One thing’s for sure, she loves her Dad more and more each day!

left: Father’s day 2011 right: Father’s day 2012—Hooray for a fantastic Dad!!!


2 thoughts on “if Emmy could articulate her thoughts…

  1. This is the most precious father-daughter post I have ever seen! This inspires me to do something sweet and photo-related for next Father’s Day for Brandon. This year, his father’s day gift was bringing Mikayla home from the hospital. Gotta do something fantastic to top that!

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