Dreary day terrariums (DIY)

Remember when I wrote about terrariums the last time? Well, I finally got a chance to make some in April! The irony is, I made a few right before the tornado came rolling through Norman and literally scrambled to clean up right as the eerie sirens went off.
My “tornado-terrariums”: little fairy homes made of collected acorns and twigs.

Terrariums always felt a little delicate so prior to my terrarium ventures, I tried out growing wheat grass and keeping my two air-plants alive:
Seeing that my wheat grass and air-plants succeeded, I dragged a few other girls along the weekend before and had a mini-terrarium party! It was the perfect activity for a dreary Saturday afternoon:

Here are the results from that party:

Terrarium follow-up:
The advantage of blogging waaay after the fact? I can tell you that 3 out of the 5 terrariums are still alive and well. I think that I over watered one of them and “squished” the roots of the other during the “potting” process. Aside from that, I hear from my friends that narrower containers made it difficult to take out fallen leaves that lead to decay and mold.

I noticed that my open, dry, and desert-terrariums did the best, so that’s where I’d start.

left: a “fantasy terrarium”, used some old book pages and maps to make the little house and tossed a skeleton key in there, can you see it?  There’s also a little toadstool hiding in there, too!
right: my “dry” terrarium from the terrarium party

My “fantasy” terrarium is made of sheet moss, reindeer moss, twigs, on a slab of wood.

–this one is perhaps my favorite, plus I used a paper napkin to make the toadstool!

I’m looking forward to being able to make these little worlds with Emmy, someday! She does love peering in them and pointing at the little trinkets I throw in : )


Tell me what you think : )

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