Chronicling stories


IMG_3821I had to share a link to a craft project from my blog last week, and it made me realize how many stories I’d forgotten!  It seems that while we’re fully engaged in living life, we have inevitably gotten caught up in its hustle and bustle. Again and again I discover that I truly don’t want to forget the little moments in life, they are memories I want to treasure.

Memories like the one attached to the photo above: Emmy waits for Dad to come home from work.
She’s got quite the vivid imagination and it all began with her, “african safari,” the packing itinerary included:

  1. her orange camera trunk (thanks, Baxters),
  2. magnifying glass,
  3. colored pencils,
  4. field notes (yes, our shop friends hooked her up with one),
  5. and binoculars.  Problem is, we don’t have binoculars, so we made some from old toilet paper tubes and ribbon.

IMG_3820Her safari took her onto the porch where she to spotted tigers, panthers, and bears. After much romping and stomping, she  began, “searching for Dad in the jungle of cars”.

To us, it’s these little moments that coalesce to form the everyday adventure–this is the adventure that can neither be purchased nor feigned through travel and thrill.

Insecurity has also been a culprit in keeping me away from chronicling stories. I haven’t blogged much because I had a vision for curating this blog -I had hopes to hone my writing and learn photography skills. I had even hoped to save up for photo editing software but we are extremely strapped for money, not because we’re “saving up” but simply because we are carrying out the mission we feel called to. So, my photos may never be perfectly edited and are taken by iPhone instead of the dSLR, but they are treasures to me none the less.

Our theme all summer and autumn has been, remembrance, and time and time again, I would think about this blog but feel so incredibly overwhelmed. We’ve spent pretty much all of 2014 learning how to carve out space to rest and creating a value for it within our family. The desire to chronicle stories stems from a desire to remember both the good times and bad but to truly capture the  the goodness of the Lord amidst the chaos. That is the art we try to live out each day, it requires creativity and boldness.


I have experienced  the critical heart in all of us. Everyone holds fast to their own fiery opinions, but this blog doesn’t exist for you to judge, this blog exists for me, for my family, and is a place for me to walk out my creativity and dare greatly.

So let the blogging begin? Cheers!



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