Adventure is written on the heart of every person.

I know…the blog name is ridiculously cheesy, but our family mission statement is simply to, BE adventurous in the everyday…

This is my creative-play-space!  So, here is where I plan to share my everyday adventures —To me, it’s about appreciating the little things in life, embracing simplicity, and finding art in the everyday.

From time to time, I am driven to see ordinary things creatively (things are only mundane if we allow them to be, right?).  But, I want to create a habit of finding art in the everyday, to make it part of my rhythm. This can take on various forms and does not always have to involve crafts; intentionally choosing a thankful heart may require oodles of creativity too. The plan is to document my creativity-feats and other musings here. So, let me know what you think, I want to know!

about me?
well, I’m married to my sweet Daniel, a new mom, a nutrition professor, traveler, lover of the arts, culture, foods, coffee, dark chocolate, and I enjoy all things creative. I like thinking about the impact of globalization, foreign diplomacy, and social justice—but, more about me soon…

In the meantime, feel free to contact me.


Tell me what you think : )

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