why be adventurousEveryday?

…because, every day counts and adventure begins in the heart!

When I decided to start a blog, the biggest challenge was selecting a name. I sifted through old notebooks, travel journals, photos, and stumbled upon this one:

This picture was taken in the middle of no where Italy. It was just a house on the side of a street in the small town of Ventimiglia (we were on our way to the much more scenic small towns of Cinque Terre). The simple widows caught my eye and I snapped a quick photo. However, I’m fond of one because I feel like I captured something unique amongst its ordinary backdrop. No one else stopped to take a picture of it, but I did. While backpacking in Europe, I wanted to seek out beauty where it may be overlooked, it was my own little adventure and this photo documents one of my findings!


 I want to freely pursue each day with intention and passion. I want to view every day as an adventure. To me, simplicity is beautiful and nothing is ever ‘ordinary,’ but, the challenge is purposefully find art in the everyday.

There exists an adventurous spirit inside of me but it is often buried in the daily hustle and bustle. Quite simply, there are many things I hope to accomplish (i.e. ice climbing, storm chasing, scuba diving…etc) that are not possible right now. I often associate the word adventure with hazardous-daring activities. However, is it necessary to only engage in what is typically perceived as, “outdoorsy/gutsy” to be adventurous? It seems that many adventures that await in the everyday – trying a stinky cheese – could totally be an adventure in itself. As for me, I think motherhood, marriage, and community life is definitely an adventure; and I’m sure you live out your adventures each day as well. I want to hear about them! How are you being adventurous today or in this season?

 appreciating the little things in life. enjoying simplicity.
finding art in the everyday.


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