seeing things differently…

I never want to undermine anything that seems ordinary. The humble tree-branch has become invaluable to me:

tree branch curtains for a whimsical & woodsy nursery theme

They have served as curtain rods, mobiles, quick and thrifty decor…

Old paint samples have become so fun to upcycle as well!
I upcycled an old sheet of paint samples and made a box out of it for a small gift. I’ll probably write about that one later. While I’m not naturally a list maker, I’m learning to appreciate them more especially when I make lists on paint samples!
I’ll probably continue to come up with other ways to upcycle paint samples, but I think the box idea is a keeper! And finally, twine has been a favorite in my craft bin and ribbon chest for quite some time now because it can be used for so many things.
A few weeks ago, I used it in place of ribbon for gifting some coffee–I know it’s not necessarily a novel idea, but i love creative uses for everyday items, you know?


Creativity is important to me and with this hectic season comes challenges that call out for a response. My current challenge? Choosing joy and cultivating a thankful heart regardless of the circumstance–the thesis is almost complete, so long until then!


4 thoughts on “seeing things differently…

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